Duchess Goes Digital: Kate Middleton Style App

Photos: Getty Images (2) | Daily Mail

Ms. Middleton in Jenny Packham (left) and Alexander McQueen (right)

A worldwide style icon, Middleton mania continues as the Duchess gets her own fashion app.

The 24/7 fashion finder, called Kate's Style List, is designed to help users shop Kate's iconic looks, reported the Daily Mail.

Honestly, how does this not already exist, and how did we not think of this beyond brilliant idea?

Started by Middleton-obsessed former actress Helen Barclay, the app tracks and locates Kate's clothing choices, from her high street pieces to designer gowns.

Users can click through to Kate's favorite designers, locate her most sought-after high street items, and compile their own outfits mixing the Duchess's different looks and accessories.

Already having sold thousands, the app is sure to be a royal success.

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