First Look! Ralph Lauren's Olympic Uniforms

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren

After seeing drawings of Ralph Lauren's Team USA Olympic closing ceremony uniforms, we couldn't help but wonder what his opening ceremony pieces would look like. Well, now we've got the real thing: behold the first look at the U.S. team's opening ceremony uniforms! 

The uniforms keep within the all-American preppy aesthetic — could we expect anything less from Mr. Lauren? — featuring impeccable tailoring and a red, white, and blue color palette.

Both the men's and women's look include white bottoms (slacks for men, knee-length skirts for women), a fitted navy blue blazer, and patriotic navy berets with stripes of red and white to match. 

We'd be lying if we said this first look didn't give us a bit of an excited chill about the fast approaching Summer Olympics. 

And what's even better is that the entire uniform is already available for purchase at, so even if you aren't physically at the opening ceremony you can still dress the part!