Jean Paul Gaultier's Latest Diet Coke Bottle Gets Tattooed



Photos: Facebook


The latest bottle of Diet Coke designed by Jean Paul Gaultier hit the web-o-sphere today, completing the trilogy of the world's sexiest soda bottles to date.

Photo: Getty Images
Madonna in the signature Gaultier cone bra (c. 1990)

The much anticipated third bottle features a detailed tattoo-like corset fit for Madonna's cone bra "Vogue" days, which were of course designed by Gaultier himself.

It's thus no surprise that the accompanying print campaign features a sexy pin-up model decked out in tattoos to match the bottle and a signature cone bra corset that brought Gaultier into worldwide fame.

As if that wasn't enough to make this one of the more eye-catching campaigns we've seen in awhile, the aforementioned pin-up model is holding up a comical photo of Gaultier in front of her face, making the designer the star of his very own campaign. 

The limited-edition bottles will be available for purchase in Europe later this month.

And for those of us stuck stateside, it's time we start polling for an American designer as the next Diet Coke collaborator. Tommy Hilfiger for Diet Coke, anyone? Bueller?