Sir Philip Green’s Daughter Launches Topshop Shoe Line

Chloe Jade Green


A sneak peek at Chloe Jade Green's forthcoming shoe line.

We can only imagine what it’s like to grow up with a world of Topshop at your fingertips (in our heads: Eloise, only better). Now Topshop honcho Sir Philip Green’s 21-year-old daughter Chloe is ready to leave her own mark on the retailer.

Chloe Green will launch her own shoe line, dubbed CJG (her initials), at Topshop Oxford Circus and on on May 17, the Telegraph reports. The range will sell between £80 and £200 (about $125 to $315, at current exchange rates), and will have Green’s very own style signature: jade green-soles. Look out, Louboutin!

Though the collection itself has yet to be revealed, Green’s website gives a peek at what would-be shoppers might expect: a single pair of metallic peep-toe booties, complete with towering heel and that signature sole.

Might this fill the hole left in our hearts by the absence of a Kate Moss for Topshop collection? Only time will tell...