Chris Benz Designs Presidential Ensemble for Barbie

Chris Benz Designs Presidential Ensemble for Barbie
Photo courtesy of Barbie
Barbie for President.

Much of the fashion world may be firmly standing in Obama's camp when it comes to the 2012 election, but it looks like the incumbent might have some stiff competition—though not from the GOP.

Barbie—yes, that Barbie—has announced her fifth bid for the presidency. And because everyone knows that appearance is everything when it comes to this race, she’s called on Chris Benz to design her campaign wardrobe.

It all started with a tweet, Benz said at a press conference Thursday morning, saying simply, “I want to work with Barbie.” Pretty soon, the designer was in talks with Mattel. He took the same print from a dress worn by Michelle Obama (appropriately enough), remade it in Barbie pink, and fashioned a pencil skirt suit trimmed in red, white and blue for the iconic doll.

Her footwear, too, is a micro-sized copy of the Alejandro Inglemo for Chris Benz wedges that the pink-haired Benz has shown in his past presentations—in pink, of course.

“It’s the first Barbie that can physically stand on her own,” Benz said, citing a magnet that anchors the shoes. “That’s such a great metaphor.”