Franca Sozzani On Nutrition, Her Style Icon, and Plastic Surgery

Franca Sozzani
Photo: Getty Images
Franca Sozzani.

For many followers of fashion, magazine editors are style icons themselves. But Franca Sozzani, editor in chief of Vogue Italia, gives credit where credit’s due. So, who’s inspiring Sozzani today?

“My style icon is Tilda Swinton,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “She has a lot of character and personality. She's always very elegant—fashionable, but not a fashionista.” (That’s a good thing—Sozzani has said before that she “hates fashionistas.”)

The headline-making editor has recently made even more headlines for her appointment to speak at Harvard University on body image and the media, taking place tonight. Responsible for Vogue Italia’s famous plus-sized issue, Sozzani says it’s not about being plus size or straight-size—but being healthy.

“Being healthy means being happy,” she said. “It doesn't mean you have to be curvy or skinny. It's not about age or weight. It's about being more educated about food, nutrition and treating your body not only in an aesthetic way but from the inside.”

That said, she isn’t opposed to using less-than natural means of enhancement.

“I'm ready to do any kind of cosmetic surgery on my body,” she said. “But for the face I'm much more scared. I have a lot of wrinkles around my eyes, but I'm scared that after I wouldn't have the same look. If I had to do something, I would do plastic surgery instead of injections, that's for sure, because you don't know what happens.”

Here’s hoping she keeps it simple—she does offer these wise words, after all: “There is a moment in life at a certain age when you have to learn to smile and then the face is much better.”