Arizona Muse Talks Motherhood—And That Famous Name

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Photo courtesy of J.Crew

One hot mama: Arizona Muse and her son in J.Crew’s May 2011 catalog

It’s hard to peruse a glossy without coming across the gorgeous smiling face of model Arizona Muse, who not only makes plenty of editorial appearances but has also posed for Estée Lauder, Prada, David Yurman, and many more. But Muse has a fellow model—one just as beautiful—that’s already coming up on her heels: her three-year-old son, Nico.

The curly-haired tot appears in Muse’s brand-new Next ad campaign, after popping up in a J. Crew catalog last year with his mom. And though Muse is one of the industry’s most in-demand models at the moment, she initially thought that having a baby would be the end of her career.

“I had a child and then became established, which I would not recommend doing!” the 23-year-old told the Telegraph. “I highly recommend getting your career established first and then having children.”

How does she do it all? When Nico was younger, Muse herself traveled much less. Then she started taking him with her everywhere. Now, the two travel less, she says. “[Traveling] was a lot for him,” she said. “It was rough, although good for him to have me around. Babies need to be with their mommies, in my opinion, and we were really lucky to be able to do that.”

(As for that post-baby bod? Prepare to be jealous: “I think my body was better after I had a child, actually,” she said.)

Of course, another thing that makes Muse oh-so-alluring (besides her million-dollar smile) is that incredibly apt name. It’s her given name, believe it or not.

“[My English mother] had just moved to the desert when I was born and they'd finished building a house and everything happened all at once, so perhaps she was a bit overwhelmed!” Muse explained. “I like it now but I used to hate it. It took me a long time to grow into it. It's a big name for a little girl. They called me Zoe as a child and I guess that was better, but I really didn't like Arizona.”