Armani’s ‘One Plus One’ Film

A bewitching blonde, two sexy (yet slightly ominous) suitors, a parade of stunning suits and beaded gowns—it all adds up to an impossibly chic game of cat and mouse in Armani's latest short film, One Plus One.

Directed by Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino of I Am Love fame, the three-minute video feels like a Hitchcockian thriller-turned-love-story, right down to the blonde heroine, played by Spring 2012 campaign star Milou Van Groesen.

The platinum-cropped beauty dons a selection of Spring 2012 looks—including a striped black and mother-of-pearl asymmetric jacket, white embroidered bustier dress, and Indochina-print silk jacket—as she weaves her way in and around Italy's Museo del Violino and Palazzo Te while dashing male models Diego Fragoso and Vinicius Sales pursue her.

And just when you start to wonder why anyone with eyeballs would run away, and not towards, a devastatingly handsome Armani model, Van Groesen finally lets the boys catch up with her, where they all lean in for an embrace. It's, um, complicated.

"Today, fashion needs to open itself to new languages,” designer Giorgio Armani says in a statement.

“Cinema is the form of expression I have always felt the closest to. Working with Luca Guadagnino, I have had the opportunity to transform the atmosphere of my collection into a story, and it has been a stimulating experience.”

We'll say!