The Hilfigers Go Camping in Spring 2012 Campaign Video

Turns out our favorite fictional fashion family has an outdoorsy streak.

Last seen cutting a rug for the holidays, Tommy Hilfiger's campaign stars "The Hilfigers" are back in Le Grand Gämp Oũt-doors-iùs, a just-released video showcasing the designer's Spring 2012 collection ... and, you know, nature and stuff.

"Welcome to camp," little sis Chloe, clad in a rugged-chic belted safari jacket, tells us as her "siblings" spill out of what has got to be one very cramped tent.

While Mama Hilfiger has the right idea in treating herself to a campside cocktail, the rest of the preppy gang (basset hounds included) indulges in fly fishing, canoeing, golf, inner tubing, and white water rafting.

And if the scenic Long Island locale doesn't get you, the color-blocked caftans, monogrammed sweaters, and pink khakis will.

Let's just hope that somebody remembered to bring the bug spray.