Kristen McMenamy Models Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 in ‘She Builds Domes in Air’ Film

Alexander McQueen's Spring 2012 collection is again making the film rounds.

After being shown in all its shimmering, utterly etheral glory in a backstage video, Sarah Burton's oceanic designs are being showcased in She Builds Domes in Air, a new 16mm film from artist Catherine Sullivan.

AnOther Magazine has the first look at the haunting black and white film, which relies on a perfectly cast Kristen McMenamy and her alien beauty to heighten the collection's chillingly beautiful aesthetic.

Her platinum locks encased in intricate lace hoods, the veteran model appears tormented as she wanders aimlessly through an abandoned atrium and dark forest as chirping birds, plane engines, and bagpipes echo in the background.

And though the haunting imagery may supply you with a week's worth of nightmares, it goes without saying that the clothes are impossibly dreamy. Given the amount of work that went into each piece, they should be.

"Each piece was really special,” Burton tells AnOther of the collection, which she says is about "extreme femininity."

“When you look at the clothes close up, you’re not quite sure what you’re seeing. This fabric here (she points to a metallic organza skirt) was pleated, woven, destroyed and then pleated again. We had to pleat this one (she points to a second) five different ways to make it right. This is all hand-bulleted and then put on a base. This funny little orange one, with all the ruffles, was cut on a circle.

"The McQueen woman doesn’t want to feel casual. It’s not that kind of world. When you put on the clothes, they make you stand differently, feel differently. It was about how to do that but make it feel light. I’ve always been part of Lee’s romantic side, that’s what I love. Although there are elements of this collection that are quite dark, even sinister, there’s always a romance to it, a delicacy. Empowerment and protection: Working here, you always have to bring it back to Alexander."

Bring on Fall 2012!