Victoria’s Secret Angels Talk Valentine’s Day and Fashion Week

Lindsay Ellingson Adriana Lima Doutzen Kroes Valentines Day Victoria's Secret Angels

Photo: Getty Images

Love of lingerie: Lindsay Ellingson, Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes pose with heart balloons and bras.

Dressed in skin-tight, shimmery silver minidresses, Victoria's Secret's Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes and Lindsay Ellingson played the sexy-angel role with envious ease as they talked Valentine's Day and lingerie with a room full of fashion writers at Victoria's Secret's Soho location.

Surrounded by pink push-ups and pastel panties, as well as an endless supply of Vosges chocolates, FashionEtc took some time to chat with each Angel about Valentine's Day, buying lingerie and prepping for Fashion Week.

Whether talking love, lust or lace, the stunners had plenty to say about V-day memories and the best bras for their body.

What was your worst Valentine's Day ever?

Adriana Lima: "I’ve never had a bad Valentine’s Day because I always try to make it fun, but the best Valentine’s Day was the day I got married. This year, I want to spend time with my family, go out to dinner with my husband, and after that, something with lingerie involved."

Doutzen Kroes: "I told my boyfriend I wasn't into Valentines Day and I didn't need him to do anything. I obviously did want him to do something but sometimes you say things you don’t mean and you assume he will know. So, when I was upset that he didn't do anything, he was confused. I mean what girl doesn’t want anything on Valentines Day."

Lindsay Ellingson: "My first Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend was my worst. I was 21, a late bloomer and so in love. I put so much emphasis on the day. He was French and we were in Paris, so I thought it was going to be so romantic and he ended up not doing anything and complaining about the traffic to the restaurant. I had bought him a box of chocolates and he didn't do anything."

What are your best tips for guys buying lingerie?

Adriana Lima: "Number One. If you are afraid, don't be. We girls love a guy that can overcome his fears. It will make us appreciate the present even more. If you aren’t sure about sizes, peak in her drawer when she isn’t around."

Doutzen Kroes: "I think it's great when a guy buys you lingerie because it's something you don’t expect and you find out what he likes. It's a gift for him too. You put it on and it’s a win win situation. The key thing is getting the size right because if he picks something too small or too big, he might upset his girl."

How are you prepping for Fashion Week?

Adriana Lima: "I'm not sure about Europe yet, but I'm thrilled to spend New York Fashion Week relaxing in Miami with my family."

Doutzen Kroes:  "I ordered beautiful Celine loafers, which I’m excited about because they are flat and super chic. I also got a great new Celine coat. They are things I will have and wear forever. I always go online to see all the shows but I want to see Versace and Haider Ackermann, because last year, his show was the best. I’m curious to see Tom Ford because last season his reviews weren’t so good, and I’d love to see Giles Deacon."

Lindsay Ellingson: "I need to be mentally prepared because it’s so much traveling and a lot of fittings. Sometimes you are up until three in the morning standing in heels while they are pinning something on you. I make sure to eat a lot so I have energy and I just got a facial. I also just changed my hair so that's an exciting new look for me. Now I’m platinum and I love it. It feels very retro and Hollywood."

What is your favorite bra of the moment?

Adriana Lima: "The Gorgeous and the Body by Victoria Demi Bra because it fits to your body and is super comfortable."

Doutzen Kroes: "I love the Gorgeous. I also really love the Very Sexy Push up because its simple, has beautiful colors and the right amount of push up."

Lindsay Ellingson: "My favorite is the Gorgeous, and not jut because I'm the face of it but I literally wear it all the time. It's the most comfortable push-up."

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