Haider Ackermann Spring 2012 Review

 haider ackermann spring 2012

Photos: Imaxtree

Looks from the Haider Ackermann Spring 2012 show

Show: Haider Ackermann

Hair: Eugene Souleiman

Makeup: Stephane Marais

Accessories: Minimal—but flat shoes matched to each and every look

Overall Takeaway: Hail Haider Ackermann conquers Paris

Last season's Haider Ackermann show set a benchmark that left many designers trembling. You'd imagine not least of those would be the man himself, at the thought of creatively renewing himself as fashion demands to dazzle us all again for Spring '12. But the great thing about Haider Ackermann is that you get the genuine sense that he really doesn't fathom how good he is.

Not that he's ignorant—far from it. But he is intensely private and modest, removed from the hubbub of the fashion world. He seldom gives interviews or attends events (although as a new fashion darling there are increasingly constant demands for him to do both). Ackermann simply continues defining and refining his own style.

This season, the designer took up where he left off—last season's mouth-watering jewel tones reiterated in silk shantung pajama suits paraded tomboy-style with flat brogues. He said he wanted to bring his woman back down to early, but in this collection her reality somehow made her even more seductive. Certainly that was the case in the gossamer-fine evening-wear, where Ackermann jettisoned his jeweled bright for plays of neutral against neutral sliding in translucent layers across the body. It may have been played out on flats, but this collection soared high.