Jason Wu’s Target Commercial

The commercial for Jason Wu's Target collaboration (hitting stores February 5!) is out, and while you don't have to be a cat person to enjoy it, it probably helps.

The 30-second spot sees the designer sketching in his studio, then leaving the room. In his absence, an illustration of his latest muse, the red bow-adorned Milu the Cat, comes to life and gets to work, finishing off a yellow knit top, running a red pleated blouse through the sewing machine, and sashaying past floral-print handbags and striped sundresses.

Now there's a Stupid Pet Trick we'd like to learn!

The quirky commercial ends with Wu returning to find his work completed while Milu—who also stars in the collection's print campaign—is transformed into a graphic tee alongside the tagline "Mischief is in the details."

Look for the chic feline to resurface in the collection's cat prints ... coming soon to a shopping cart near you!

Meanwhile, Target has unveiled its new The Shops at Target venture.