Saudi Arabia Bans Men from Working in Lingerie Stores

Saudi Arabia lingerie stores
Photo: © Juanmonino/
A man-nequin is the closest it'll come to a "man" working in a Saudi Arabia lingerie store.

If there’s one thing we learned in 2011, it’s that some men can seriously work in lingerie (yes, we're talking about push-up bra-sporting male model Andrej Pejic)—but in Saudi Arabia, they can no longer work in a lingerie store.

A law banning men from being employed by women’s apparel and cosmetics stores was technically passed in 2006, but was never enforced.

Recently, though, women have boycotted lingerie stores to pressure them to solely hire women, the Huffington Post reports—and so the government has decided to start enforcing the law, effective January 5.

The decision will cause thousands of men to lose their jobs, but Saudi Arabia’s Labor Ministry has reported that 28,000 woman have already applied for the available positions.

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