Andrej Pejic Models Push-Up Bras for Hema

Andrej Pejic Models Push-Up Bras Hema
Photo: Facebook
Treat Her Like A Lady: Andrej Pejic modeling push-up bras for Hema.

Looks like Andrej Pejic just got one step (and two cup sizes) closer to achieving his dream of becoming a Victoria's Secret model.

The androgynous-looking male model, who once quipped that he'd get a sex change if it would land him a gig as an Angel, has been cast in a "revolutionary" new lingerie campaign for Dutch retailer Hema, Frockwriter reports.

And really, who better than the gender-bending blonde to demonstrate the cleavage-boosting powers of the chain's "Mega Push-Up Bra," which Pejic wears underneath black and red dresses in various campaign shots.

"I've never known a man to do a womens' lingerie campaign before," Joseph Tenni, the Out cover star's Sydney-based agent, tells Frockwriter.

"Did I ever think I had enough booty to advertise a push-up bra," the model tweeted

"No. But am I working it or what??"

Heck yeah! And though it'd be even more amazing to see Pejic actually in the lingerie, there's no doubt that his campaign is a groundbreaking one.

Of course, with those pouty lips and that tousled blonde mane, will Dutch shoppers realize that this lady is a dude?