Sainsbury's Unveils Royal Wedding T-Shirt

Vera Wang
Photo courtesy of Sainsbury
Sainsbury’s T-Shirt to celebrate the royal wedding.

Need a little something special to complement your Butter London "No More Waity, Katie" nail polish?

You'll have to wait until February 7th to get your hands on Kate Middleton's white official engagement portrait dress, which is being reissued by Reiss. But shoppers in the UK can simply slip on a Royal Wedding tee from their local supermarket.

British grocery store chain Sainsbury's has unveiled a celebratory T-shirt in honor of Middleton and Prince William. Boasting a cheeky "Kate and William sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" graphic, the top, in stores now, is a steal at £10 (about $16).

Sure, it's no Issa dress, but not everyone has a royal budget, dahling. Besides, it will look so fetching with your black beret.