Banana Republic Creates Wine Bottles for Clos du Bois

banana republic creates limited edition wine bottles
Photo courtesy of Banana Republic
That's the spirit: Banana Republic has created limited-edition wine bottles for Clos du Bois.

What could be a better accessory for your holiday cocktail dress than a glass of vino?

Banana Republic has teamed up with Clos du Bois wines for a chic (and delicious collaboration): limited-edition wine bottles featuring labels designed by the brand’s creative director, Simon Kneen.

The special BR bottles come in a 2010 North Coast Chardonnay and a 2008 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon—but the good stuff isn’t just on the inside.

The back labels have a QR code, which taps into holiday music downloads, style tips from Kneen, and wine pairing and entertaining suggestions from Clos du Bois winemaker, Gary Sitton.

The wines retail for $16.99 for the Chardonnay and $18.99 for the Cabernet Sauvignon, and will be available at on November 1.


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