Market Watch: Bite and Super


At yesterday’s holiday press preview for the massive PR agency Paul Wilmot, a beauty line called Bite—which was displayed alongside four glasses of wine—was the first thing that caught my eye. No, the red wine wasn’t there for early afternoon imbibing, but rather to display that several of the products in the line contain as much antioxidant-rich Resveratrol, which fights free radicals, as several glasses of vino.

All the ingredients in the line are food-grade, so instead of feeling gross for licking your lipsticked lips, you’re actually getting nutrition. And if your regular wine intake gets enough Resveratrol into your system (ahem), there’s also Vitamin Gel, a light gloss with a dose of Vitamin C, and Superfruit Butter, a multi-use balm that actually has flecks of real fruit in, like acai, blueberry, cranberry, and pomegranate.

If it weren't for the gorgeous colors—I’m partial to the High Pigment Pencil, which comes in super-rich shades—you might even forget this stuff is makeup.

Speaking of good enough to eat, I was also introduced to Super, a new-ish line from Dr. Nicholas Perricone—beauty junkies should recognize that name—that utilizes so-called super-foods like ginger, acai, coconut, and even chili. The line includes a slew of products for face and body, including a lineup of what the brand calls Activators (basically a toner without the drying effects) in varieties like melon, apple and red algae.

Playing with your food? Yes, please.

Pictured: Products from Bite.