Jean Paul Gaultier Designs a Gold Bar

jean paul gaultheir gold bar
Photo: Jean Paul Gaultier via Women’s Wear Daily
Jean Paul Gaultier goes for the gold ... literally!

Now this is what we call an investment piece.

While some shoppers prefer to keep their assets in their closets (a Chanel jacket here, a Birkin there), who says actual currency can’t be just as fashionable? Not Jean Paul Gaultier: he just designed a gold bar.

The one-off project was created for French gold investment company CPoR Devises, Women’s Wear Daily reports, and features a JPG-designed heart with his name written across it. The bar weighs one troy ounce. (Currently, one ounce of gold is valued at $1,677.02.)

Of course, we expect that the Gaultier name will add a little something to the value as well—but how much? Potential investors must wait and see; according to WWD, orders for the bar can be placed on the open market starting October 14.

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