Twenty8Twelve’s Made in England Collection


Photos courtesy of Twenty8Twelve

The Hawkins Jacket, $499, and the Titon Tuxedo Wool Dress, $448, from the new Made in England collection.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better pair to represent English fashion than Sienna and Savannah Miller—and now the design duo is getting even closer to the motherland.

The sisters launched their clothing line, Twenty8Twelve, in 2007, but their latest project celebrates all things close to home: a capsule collection called Made in England.

Naturally, it’s all produced in their home country, taking inspiration from the Savile Row tradition.

Many of the pieces are tuxedo-inspired, like a wool blazer, trousers, and even a slinky black cocktail dress with lapels.

“A lot of the factories in the UK have skilled workers with years of experience who really understand how to cut, construct, finish and perfect a piece of clothing that you can be proud of: if you designed it or bought it,” Savannah told InStyle U.K. “It really is a huge team effort, as everyone in the chain adds something to the final piece.”

The Made in England collection is available for Fall 2011 and retails between $299 and $699.

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