Woman Sues Over ‘Miniskirt Mondays’

woman sues over miniskirt mondays
Photo: Getty Images
A woman is suing her former boss over office dress code, including "miniskirt Mondays"

In most professions (read: not fashion), wearing a mini to the office is considered a faux pas. One Utah boss tried to make it a requirement—and now he’s getting sued.

Trudy Nycole Anderson has accused her former employer Derek Wright of sexual harassment, including attempting to enforce a dress code that included “miniskirt Mondays,” “tube top Tuesdays,” “wet T-shirt Wednesdays,” “no bra Thursdays,” and “bikini top Fridays.” (Apparently, his alliterative skills tapered off as the week went on.)

In addition, Anderson alleges that Wright, the owner of Lone Peak Controls and D&L Electric Control Company in Pleasant Grove, Utah, watched pornography in his office, touched her inappropriately, and fired her after she reported the sexual harassment.

"As a result of the stress and emotional trauma of this experience, Ms. Anderson has been losing sleep, seeking professional help and has ulcers," the complaint, filed in U.S. District Court, reads, according to the New York Daily News.

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