Texas Woman Fired for Gray Hair?

texas woman fired for gray hair
Photo: Getty Images
A Texas woman has allegedly been fired for refusing to dye her gray hair.

Kate Moss and Lady Gaga have gone silver intentionally—but according to one Texas woman, refusing to dye her naturally gray hair may have left her without a job.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Sandra Rawline, 52, was asked to dye her gray hair to fit in better with the youthful image that her company, Capital Title of Texas, was trying to project. When she refused, she said, the company laid her off and replaced her with a woman 10 years younger.

"I don't think anyone should be embarrassed or humiliated for growing older," Robert “Bigs” Dowdy, Rawline’s Houston lawyer, told the Chronicle.

Capital Title of Texas CEO Bill Shaddock, however, calls the allegations “baseless and preposterous,” saying that Rawline was let go because one of the company’s clients no longer wanted to do business with her. “I’d hire a 150-year-old individual if they were worthy,” Haddock—who told the paper that he also has gray hair—said.

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