Heidi Klum’s ‘Got Milk?’ Campaign

Heidi Klum Got Milk? ad
Photo: PR Newswire
Dairy queen: Heidi Klum rocking her second "Got Milk?" 'stache.

Heidi Klum is once again giving milk her "Seal" of approval.

After playing a milk maid in a 2008 ad for "Got Milk?," the supermodel is back for a more glamorous campaign touting the white stuff's beauty-boosting properties.

Clad in a sexy, one-shouldered metallic gown and surrounded by a team of makeup artists and hair stylists backstage, the Project Runway host shows off her favorite new accessory: a milk mustache.

"I think milk is very, very important because it has a lot of nutrition," the mother of four says in a behind-the-scenes video. "It has Vitamin D, it has calcium, and I feel like it's important that when you're in the public [eye] that you keep putting that message into people's face. You know, it's one thing if I do that at home, but I think it's good to remind people of it.

"Drink more of this good white stuff called milk! Don't forget about it! It's natural and it's so good for you, so you should have lots of it. I drink a lot of it at home, my children drink a lot of it, and I think that you have to be a role model and show people what you do a little bit."

Point taken! After all, if it's good enough for Heidi, it's good enough for us.