Most Valuable Brands 2011: Louis Vuitton, H&M, and More

kate winslet
Photo: Imaxtree
A Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag on the Spring 2011 runway.

Shoppers, the power of your credit cards has been felt.

According to global research agency Millward Brown’s 2011 Brand Report, the value of the apparel industry is up 10 percent in 2011 and the luxury industry is up 19 percent. Dare we say the recession-fueled shopping stigma is over?

BrandZ Top 100 documents the most valuable global brands of the year, with categories including apparel, beer, cars, fast food, the digital revolution, and more. In each category, the top 10 brands are ranked, while a master list ranks the top 100 brands of the year—and familiar fashion names made several appearances.

Louis Vuitton topped the list in the luxury category, with a value of $24.312 billion (up 23 percent from last year). Vuitton placed at No. 26 on the top 100 list.

Nike was ranked No. 1 in the apparel category, with a value of $13.917 billion (up 10 percent from last year); it placed No. 57 on the top 100 list.

Though it seems that apparel and luxury brands haven't quite fully recovered from the recession (both categories are still down from 2008 numbers, by -1 percent and -13 percent, respectively), the positive growth from last year will certainly give retailers and businesses a spring in their steps today.

For the full lists of the most valuable brands in the apparel and luxury categories, read on, and download the full report at

Apparel ($M)

1. Nike $13,917

2. H&M $13,006

3. Zara $10,335

4. Ralph Lauren $3,378

5. Esprit $3,375

6. Adidas $3,088

7. Uniqlo $2,916

8. Next $2,567

9. Hugo Boss $2,445

10. MetersBonwe $1,446

Luxury ($M)

1. Louis Vuitton $24,312

2. Hermès $11,917

3. Gucci $7,449

4. Chanel $6,823

5. Cartier $5,327

6. Rolex $5,269

7. Hennessy $4,997

8. Moët & Chandon $4,570

9. Fendi $3,442

10. Burberry $3,379