Pamela Love Designing Jewelry for Topshop

Double Cage Ring with Hinge from Pamela Love's main collection.

Is Pamela Love the next Kate Moss?

Well, sort of. After Topshop parted ways with the supermodel and her clothing line, the retailer has recruited the New York City–based Love for a jewelry collaboration set to launch in April, Fashionologie reports.

Known for her pieces inspired by animals and mysticism, the Ecco Domani winner is designing a five-part series that includes Dreamcatcher (think brass-plated medicine wheels adorned with feathers) and Hearts and Arrows, which boasts touches of antique-finish pewter.

"It evokes the spirit of America," Love says. "I'm their first designer from the States, so I felt it was important to represent that. These are pieces I haven't had time to create before now."

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