Lindsay Lohan Punched Some Girl in the Face Last Night


Just when we were ready to give Lindsay Lohan a break, she goes and punches a girl in the face.

Didn't she learn any elegance and grace from playing Elizabeth Taylor?

According to law enforcements, Lindsay was arrested at 4 a.m. this morning after allegedly punching an unknown woman in the face at New York City's hoppin' downtown club Avenue. Apparently what went down is the woman and Lilo were sitting at two separate booths near each other and Lindsay said something along the lines of, "Give me my space." 

Seems like a fair request however, moments later Lindsay punched the girl in the left side of her face. Lindsay then tried to flee the scene, but the cops showed up a short while later, cuffed her, and charged her with a third degree misdemeanor assault.

The Liz & Dick star is now due to show up in court (yet again) in the near future.

So whose side are you on? Do you think this is all fabricated like Lindsay claims or is she still wildly out of hand?