LiLo Set to Star in Upcoming Gaga Music Video?

Photos: Getty Images

Lady Gaga (left), Lindsay Lohan (right) 

LiLo's back on the rise with Gaga by her side! 

According to Page Six, Lindsay Lohan is signed on to star in the Lady Gaga's upcoming music video off her "ARTPOP" album. 

While both Gaga and LiLo's reps declined to comment, there's no doubt that this would be a genius move on both parts. LiLo just needs all the "positive" exposure she can get, and Gaga wouldn't be Gaga if she didn't stir up some kind of controversy, which, let's face it, is pretty much all Lindsay's been doing for the past five years. 

Any guesses on what LiLo will do in the video? Maybe pose as a bunch of Warhol icons? The album is named "ARTPOP" after all, and we all know how much Lindsay loves Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe...

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