‘September Issue’ Director R.J. Cutler to Direct ‘Fabulous Nobodies’

Photo: Facebook
The September Issue.

If you (like us) have been desperately waiting for a follow-up film from R.J. Cutler, director behind the fabulous Vogue doc The September Issue, your prayers have been answered.

Cutler has started casting his new film, Fabulous Nobodies, based on the 1986 novel by former Vogue Australia editor in chief Lee Tulloch, Women’s Wear Daily reports. The story follows Reality Nirvana Tuttle (how’s that for a name?), a “fashion-obsessed door girl” navigating the nightlife scene in Manhattan.

To add to the project’s fashionable ties, the film will be produced by Gail Lyon and Julie Anne Quay—the latter of whom used to be the executive editor of V magazine.

“It’s Emma meets Clueless,” Quay said of the film. Sign us up!

There’s been no word yet on who the team is considering for the lead (Gwyneth meets Alicia Silverstone?), but expect this hunt for a star to be just as buzzy as the recent search for young Carrie Bradshaw for The Carrie Diaries, which has just started filming. Blake Lively or Lizzie Olsen, anyone?