Guy Fieri Serves Up Jewelry Line

guy fieri
Photo: Harry How/Getty Images
"Complements" to the chef: Guy Fieri has launched a jewelry collection.

With his bleached-blond spiky hair, bowling shirts, and signature sunglasses (often worn on the back of his head), we wouldn’t have pegged the Food Network’s Guy Fieri as a fashion dude.

But, much to our surprise, the Guy’s Big Bite and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives star has cooked up his own jewelry line, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The collection, sold as a $75 set, includes a chunky ID bracelet, dog tag necklace, and cuff links, all emblazoned with stars.

“This stuff is off-da-hook. It's some killer bling,” Fieri is quoted as saying on, the site that sells the jewelry.

First Paula Deen scores a clothing line, now this. Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee, you've been served!

guy fieri jewelry line


Guy Fieri's jewelry line (sold as a $75 set) includes a star-spangled ID bracelet, dog tag pendant, and cuff links.