Paula Deen Launching Clothing Line

Paula Deen
Photo: Getty Images
Paula Deen gets her hands dirty on Jay Leno.

Paula Deen is cooking up something new ... and it's not a burger sandwiched between two Krispy Kremes.

While whipping up a (gulp) cheeseburger meatloaf on Jay Leno, the chef revealed that she is launching her own fashion line.

"Did you know that I'm getting my own clothing line," the woman who gave us butter-flavored lip gloss asked Leno before telling him that the embellished black tunic she was wearing (left) would be part of the collection.

Sadly, the silver-haired Southerner got too distracted trying to give the talk show host a smooch to spill any more details about the line, but we're thinking something aimed at mature women with a taste for down-home flair (sequins, ruffles, prints, etc.). 

And given the calorie count of Deen's recipes, we're hoping the collection is at least forgiving to curves. Perhaps she can throw in a secret pocket to hold, say, a slice of Mississippi mud cake?

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