Lady Gaga Wears Versace in 'Marry the Night' Video

Say what you want about Lady Gaga's ever-changing style, but she's nothing if not loyal.

After sporting vintage Versace for "Edge of Glory," the pop star is turning to the label once more with a custom-made creation for her just-released "Marry the Night" music video.

Worn seven minutes into the 13-minute-long video (patience, little ones!), Gaga can be seen wearing a Versace denim vest, bra, and pants which have been embellished with Swarovski crystals in a seashell and starfish design. (Bonus: Watch for her Bedazzler reference!)

Rocking red lipstick, dramatic eye liner, and retro Marilyn-esque waves, the singer rounds out the look with triple-platform studded Versace heels with gold zipper details, then busts out an embroidered denim clutch later on.

Sigh. Must be nice to have Donatella on speed dial ...

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