Marilyn Monroe – Never-Before-Seen Photos in ‘Picturing Marilyn’ Exhibit

marilyn monroe never-before seen

Photo: ©Bert Stern / courtesy Staley-Wise Gallery, New York

Behind the curtain: Marilyn Monroe and Ben Stern from "The Last Sitting" in 1962

Michelle Williams has My Week with Marilyn coming up ... might you settle for four days?

"Picturing Marilyn," featuring never-before-seen photos of the classic film star, will be taking over New York City's Milk Gallery from November 10 to November 13. (Glad to know our favorite blonde still has a few tricks up her sleeves.)

Produced in collaboration with Dior, The Weinstein Company, and photographer Bert Stern, the exhibit will showcase Stern's June 1962 shoot, "The Last Sitting." Set at the Bel-Air Hotel, the rare images were shot for Vogue and show Monroe wearing a tasteful black Dior dress, which the label has recreated for a "surprise guest" to wear to the opening (one can only dream that Michelle Williams is free that night).  

Curated by the Staley-Wise Gallery, the exhibit also includes rare images capturing Monroe from her teens to her golden years as a Hollywood siren.

Stay tuned for FashionEtc's coverage of the opening.

Meanwhile, more rare photos of Monroe were found at a garage sale.