Kate Bosworth Covers BlackBook, Never Wears Stilettos During the Day

Kate Bosworth BlackBook September issue
Photo courtesy of BlackBook
Kate Bosworth mans up on BlackBook

After horsing around in Vanessa Bruno's Fall 2011 video campaign, Kate Bosworth is breaking out the monkey suit for the latest issue of BlackBook.

The September 15th Anniversary Issue puts the blonde beauty—flashing her unique blue and brown eyes—in a sleek tux and slicked-back hair, though her scarlet lipstick adds a feminine flair. (Ex-boyfriend and Straw Dogs co-star Alexander Skarsgård stars on an alternate cover.)

Photographed by Andrew Macpherson and styled by her JewelMint partner Cher Coulter, the actress continues the Victor/Victoria theme in a smoldering shoot that sees her rocking masculine leather jackets, a white tux paired with heels, a silk black blazer tied at the collar, and—just to mix it up—a red backless gown with a matching fur wrap.

And though she's a total knockout, Bosworth says she struggled to fit in at school.

"I was a real loner in high school, even though people assume I was the head cheerleader,” she tells the magazine. “My head was always in books. I felt uncomfortable in cliques. I wasn’t a social butterfly at all.”

The actress also opens up about her covetable fashion sense ("I never wear stilettos during the day") and newfound role as a jewelry designer.

"I’ve always seen fashion as embracing the individual, although yes, I understand that there are parts of the industry that aren’t so welcoming," she says. "But look at the Proenza Schouler boys. They’re so kind and they make such brilliant designs. The Rodarte sisters, too. It may be idealistic, but I like to think that goodness rises to the top.”

Kate Bosworth BlackBook September issue

Photos courtesy of BlackBook

Kate goes goth and glam for BlackBook.

Of JewelMint, her affordable line of baubles with Coulter, she adds, “I like to play up [my] inner wild child. You’d probably like Cher’s favorite pieces. She’s a London girl and I love her for it, but I like to keep things simple."

Bosworth credits her father's retail background (he worked for Zegna and Talbots) for her interest in fashion.

"My first Bring Your Daughter to Work Day was spent understanding the difference in quality and texture between various fabrics," she explains. "I’ve had an appreciation for good workmanship from a young age. I had no interest in signing a contract that would force me to curate pieces I found horrendous.”

Makes sense to us! Besides, any gal who can make us contemplate a trip to the Men's Wearhouse must know what she's doing, right?

For more of Kate Bosworth's interview, visit BlackBook online, and pick up the September 15 Anniversary Issue.