Thandie Newton in Louis Vuitton’s ‘Double Exposure’

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Scott Sternberg may have gone old school with his recent Polaroid ad campaign for Band of Outsiders, but Louis Vuitton is going one step further: shooting portraits using a 19th century collodion wet plate photographic process.

In the second installation of the brand’s Double Exposure project (director Sam Taylor-Wood was first up to bat, back in March), actress Thandie Newton poses for the ancient camera in Vuitton’s fall finest—a process that requires the subject to hold a pose for 12 seconds.

“Amidst the frenetic hustle and bustle of the modern consumer landscape one of the key creative objectives for Louis Vuitton was to slow things down, and take a moment to capture the true essence of the sitter, in order to create something that was unique, exclusive and timeless,” the luxury label said in a release.

“It really takes you into the heart and history of photography itself,” Newton says in the film that chronicles the process, “and to parallel that, we’re getting into the heart and history of me.”

In addition to the collodion photography, Double Exposure documents a selection of possessions that are meaningful to Newton, from a painting to a passport to a well-loved stuffed animal.

The full Double Exposure film will debut on Louis Vuitton’s Facebook page September 8.

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