Beware Sun Worshippers! Anti-Aging App Shows Results of Tanning

tanning beds banned for uner 18s in california

Photo: iStockphoto

Just another reason to stop the fake and bake and actually wear SPF at the beach, this recent anti-sun advocacy comes in the form of an app, just as everything does these digital days.

From virtual manicures and makeovers, to an app for choosing personalized skin products and an advanced foundation matching solution, it was only a matter of time before the tanning obsessed got a little digital action.

Superdrug, a British-based beauty chain, launched an online app as part of their summer safety campaign that shows how someone will look after many years of sun bathing.

According to the Daily Mail, individuals upload a picture and answer a few questions regarding their sun habits, including what SPF they use and how often they go to tanning beds.

Using research and statistics from the British Association of Dermatologists, the 'burnometer' shows how the person will look in five, fifteen and twenty-five years.

Once you see your wrinkle and worn future face, you'll probably think twice about bringing the umbrella to the beach and start opting for sunless tanning lotions as opposed to the harmful beds.

Pippa Middleton may even rethink her royal cappuccino glow.