Cosmetic Surgery Ad Banned in U.K.: Unsuitable for Young Girls

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Bust stop: This cosmetic surgery ad has been deemed unsuitable.

Here’s an ad you might not be accustomed to seeing at your local bus stop. And, apparently, now you won't.

Britain’s Advertising Standards Agency has banned an ad for breast augmentations that looks suspiciously like a magazine cover. The straight-to-the-point tagline? “Boob Jobs.”

The campaign, released by Edinburgh-based Spire Heathcare, boasts “same day surgery” that's “more affordable than you may think,” which the Guardian reports isn’t showing cosmetic surgery “in a sufficiently responsible manner,” according to the ASA.

After reportedly receiving 10 complaints, the U.K. watchdog deemed the ad unsuitable to be seen by young girls for its trivializing of breast augmentation, and it has since been taken down.

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