How to Choose a Good Travel Bag? 3 Must-See Tips!

One of the most important issues of any trip is the suitcase. It carries your belongings that will be used during your trip, as well as the things you will bring home. What is the best type of suitcase? How to choose a good model? In this post, we will help you answer those questions. Check out what to evaluate when buying your bag.

1 - Choose the ideal material for your bag

The choice of material is fundamental when deciding which bag to use. Currently there are three types of luggage materials that stand out in the market: flexible, semi-flexible and rigid. Below, we list the advantages of each material. 

Flexible bags: this type of bag is made with a thicker cloth and is usually made to carry in hand, without wheels. The main advantage is that this bag is usually cheaper in price and is more flexible to carry. Fashion fanny pack products are some examples of flexible bags.

Semi-flexible suitcases: semi-flexible suitcases are generally the most common found in stores, bus stations, and airports. They are made of an impermeable material, different from more flexible ones. They protect objects well and prevent them from breaking, getting wet, or suffering any damage during transport.

Rigid suitcases: this is an option for those who want a suitcase that will last for a long time, since most of them are made of polypropylene, a very resistant material. One of the main advantages besides resistance is the variety of models, as there are several colors and brands to chose from.

2 - With or without casters?

A lot of people instead of choosing handbags, prefer a case with traditional wheels. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Handbags: Because they are often simple and small, handbags are also generally easier to store, whether in the car or in the cabin compartment on an airplane. However, depending on the weight and how much luggage you have, it can be a problem to carry it. Also if you are walking a lot, it can be cumbersome if you are carrying too many items.

Wheeled suitcases: the main advantage of wheeled suitcases is practicality. Suitcases with wheels in general are larger and allow you to carry more items, whether it be clothes, accessories, and souvenirs from the trip. However, a disadvantage is that they can be large and extremely heavy. It is practically impossible to store it in the luggage compartment, with the exception of smaller models.

3 - Size

Another important issue when choosing your bag is the size. It depends a lot on the traveler and the trip. There are people who are content to take only the basics, while others need several bags to be able to bring anything and everything they possibly need. A universal tip to consider is whether you will bring items on your return, which is often what happens.

Often people fill the suitcase to take advantage of all the space it offers, but this will consequently prevent you from bringing home new items. Always leave a a bit of space to bring home momentos and gifts. Some people even choose to purchase an additional suitcase for their return trip.