Khloe Kardashian Talks Family Beauty Secrets and Khroma Makeup Line

Khloe Kardashian's Khroma Beauty ad.

"The three of us were all practically born with a sultry smoky eye. Makeup has just always been a passion of ours," laughed Khloe Kardashian.

"I remember when I was allowed to wear only eye shadow starting in the sixth grade, but I took it to a crazy level and I put blue shadow up to my eyebrow and my mom was like, 'Ok no more makeup.'" Khloe talked to an intimate group of beauty editors about the sister's new Khroma collection.

With the signature Kardashian airbrushed complexion and fiercely long lashes, Khloe talked about the Khroma beauty line and what it means to the reality power trio and their collaboration dynasty. With champagne flowing and a table of metallic-colored beauty products in front of us, we sat in the same luxe suite in NYC's Gansevoort Hotel where 'Kourtney and Kim Take New York' was filmed.

For the collab crazy family, it took time for a beauty line to really stick. How did Khmroma evolve?

We've always been in love with makeup and wanted to be involved in beauty. It's something that is so natural to us. For years, we had been offered to do a makeup line, but it was more, lend us your name and we'll do everything for you, but that's not at all how we work. For example, we've had our Dash stores for 10 plus years and we still do the buying ourselves, check on each store once a month, and that's just what we do.

With Khroma, we finally found the perfect fit. My sisters and I are very hands on. We want to be involved in everything from the formulas and the packaging to the lettering, the font, the price point and the name.

For us, its also so important to be a brand for our fans, to have it be affordable and have it be things that we love. We've been blessed to have the power of social media to get feedback on what our fans really want. Makeup can be intimidating if you don't know how to use it  We've had the luxury of having makeup artists show us the tricks of the trade.

What is your favorite product in the line?

My sisters love eyelash strips, so that was their baby. The eyelashes are very Kourtney and Kim and the mascaras were more my baby. Im crazy about my mascara. That's my one go-to makeup want in my bag at all times. You end up getting three women that are crazy about makeup in different ways mixed into one fabulous line.

What is your mascara routine?

I literally don't let any makeup artist do my mascara. It's my thing and it takes me a minute to do. I start from the inner and lashes and move outward. I let it dry and then I always do another coat. I always like to try new mascaras and see what works, and it helps with creating the best products for this collection.

In terms of the mascara, I needed it to have a great wand. I don't get those gimmicky wands that vibrate. The bristles are firm so they really coat from inner to the outer. When they are too soft, they don't separate your lashes enough and I don't like really chunky lashes, I like them a little wispy. I love volume, the bigger the better.

What beauty memories do you have from growing up with Kim and Kourtney?

Kim has always done amazing makeup. I can't tell you when I ever thought Kim's makeup was bad but Kim is very critical of herself, so she wouldn't agree. I've never seen someone could be in makeup from 6am to 6pm and it looks like she just had he makeup done and I don't know why that is. That b*tch.

What is your skincare routine?

It's boring but I put Vasaline or Aquafor around my eyes before I go to sleep. In my head, it makes me feel like I wont get wrinkles there.

Does Lamar have a particular skincare routine?

He has a crazy skincare routine. He uses Kiehs and washes his whole bald head. He suds his head and opens his eyes while doing it.

Does Lamar like your makeup any particular way?

He likes when I wear a bright lip. Sometimes he''ll say 'I love you but I can't kiss you right now or I'll get red all over my face. Bit it's funny, you can tell when we have a moment, because he'll have a little white nose from my powder. No one notices but Kim will email me and be like, 'There you go, you did it again.'

Launched recently at 4,500 stores including Ulta, Sears, Duane Reade and CVS, the products are flying off the shelves. Check out all the products on Sears!