Terry Richardson's ‘Terrywood’ Exhibit Opens Friday in L.A.

Terry RIchardson

Photos courtesy of the artist and OHWOW

Terry Richardson's Charlotte Free, 2011 and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, 2011.

Considering you can barely open up a magazine or pass by a billboard without encountering Terry Richardson’s work these days, it’s amazing that the photographer still finds time for his extracurricular pursuits. We’re referring, of course, to his art photography. Richardson's one-man show, titled "Terrywood," will be at L.A.’s OHWOW Gallery starting Friday. Whether it’s the iconic (the Hollywood sign) or the lusciously tacky (a strip club’s kitschy neon fixtures) Richardson’s super-saturated view of the city is filtered through his trademark lens. Clearly, Richardson is the kind of New Yorker who loves L.A., strip malls and all.

Though he shot the current covers of Harper’s Bazaar and GQ and recently snapped the original Linsanity for Love magazine, there’s little of Richardson the fashion scenester on view here, but model-watchers will note that there are cameos in the form of Lindsey Wixson's pout and Charlotte Free's purple hair. The show runs through March 31 in Los Angeles.