Designers Reveal Their Favorite Holiday Food

Tis' the season for indulgences—drinks, gifts and, of course, food.

So, we asked the style set which culinary delight they most look forward to eating during the holidays.

Here, the designer dish (and Hugh Jackman for dessert) ...

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Photos: Patrick McMullan

Clockwise from top left: Prabal Gurung, Cynthia Rowley, Hugh Jackman, Pamella Roland, David Stark,
Rachel Roy, Shoshanna Gruss, Dana Lorenz, Peter Som

Prabal Gurung

“Anything that is indulgent and has tons of calories because I work out to eat. That’s the only reason. I allow myself to eat anything I want because I work out for that simple reason.”

Cynthia Rowley

“I love the hot chocolate at The Standard ice skating rink.”

Hugh Jackman

“Christmas pudding with brandy butter, custard and ice cream—homemade. We have the tradition of putting the little coins in it and brandy butter on top that my dad used to make. I love it.”

Dana Lorenz, Fenton-Fallon

“I love anything peppermint around Christmas. Peppermint chocolate bark, peppermint hot cocoa, peppermint ice cream, even those $6 Starbucks peppermint mochas. By Jan first, I am ready for a full-year peppermint hiatus.”

Peter Som

“When I go home for the holidays its really about Chinese comfort food. I must go have dim sum at Yank Sing (usually right off the plane).”

Pamella Roland

“My mom makes the best cinnamon rolls with frosting that she only makes on Christmas morning. When I was young, I would eat one with a glass of milk. Now, I allow myself to indulge each year with mom’s frosted cinnamon roll and a hot cup of coffee. This has been a holiday tradition that my mother carried down from my grandmother. She’s always just made them on Christmas. I’m not a huge cooker, but my older sister will definitely be carrying on the holiday cinnamon rolls tradition.”

Shoshanna Gruss

“I love potato latkes and look forward to them all year. My Mother and I make them together on the first night of Chanukah and I always remember my dad eating them as we cooked. I serve them with applesauce, crème fraiche and salmon caviar.”

Rachel Roy

“Swedish cookies from my grandmother. Wherever I was in the world she would always mail them to me from as early as I can remember. They signify the holidays for me, that and she was also the kindest, warmest, most sincere person I have ever met, which is what the holidays should be about.”

David Stark, Celebrity Event Planner

“My Venezuelan boyfriend introduced me to his country’s New Year’s Eve tradition of Asado Negro (Black Beef) a couple of years ago and since it has become our shared tradition with our friends.”

“You are supposed to eat this and wear yellow underwear at the stroke of midnight. The yellow panties are supposed to bring you wealth and good luck in the coming year. We haven’t added this ritual to our Black Beef, but maybe we will this year. The panties need to be brand-spanking new, too. For extra good luck, you wear them inside out.”

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