Tory Burch’s July 4th Must-Haves

tory burch

Photo courtesy of Tory Burch
From sunblock to aviators, Tory Burch dishes on her must-haves.

Happy 4th of July! You're probably relaxing by a pool by now, sipping cocktails. What’s that? You’re throwing the most stylish soiree ever and you’re so stressed you haven’t even planned your menu yet? Mon dieu! We here at FashionEtc have been in your well-heeled shoes. So we did what any good hostess would do. We turned to an even better one: Tory Burch.

The designer and queen of all things chic gave us her must-haves for this weekend, including one killer cocktail recipe. After all, style goes beyond fashion. So pile on the SPF (always fashionable), and fire up the grill: It’s time to party. (For more of Tory's picks, head to


“A monochromatic string bikini is chic, easy and timeless.”


“There’s nothing better than fresh seafood and barbecue on the Fourth of July.”


“Great music is key. I just added The Strokes’ Under the Cover of Darkness to my summer playlist.”


“A classic pair of aviators in leather feels right for summer.”


“I’m reading David McCullough’s The Greater Journey about the influence of Paris on Americans in the 19th century—equally as historical as it is entertaining.”


“My boys and I don’t let a summer weekend go by without several sets of tennis.”


“Protecting my skin with at least SPF 30 is always a must.”

tory burch

Photo courtesy of Tory Burch
Cheers! Tory’s Southside recipe—perfect for the weekend!