Spring Shopping: Denim

Say what you will about denim on denim—the trend is de rigueur for spring (just ask Stella McCartney!), and we’re ready to start shopping now.

We expect that your selection of jeans is already well stocked (unless you haven’t picked up wide-leggers yet!), but who knew there were so many other options in that hardworking blue fabric? There’s the chambray shirt, sure, but there are also perfect ’70s-style skirts, Miu Miu’s buckled denim wedges, a rock star–worthy studded Louboutin bag—even ruffled cocktail fare, courtesy of Valentino!

So whether you’re a Neil Diamond “Forever in Blue Jeans” fan or you prefer your denim in unexpected places, there’s plenty to strike your fancy for Spring—and it can be yours today! Ladies, start your shopping.

Update your spring wardrobe with these denim staples: