Prabal Gurung Presents His ICB Collection Digitally

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Looks from Prabal Gurung's ICB collection

Prabal Gurung knows that on day six of Fashion Week, there isn't enough caffeine in the world to help make that trip to the tents more manageable, especially if it's raining.

It's the little things that make a difference during those final hours of fashion. Knowing this, genius Gurung digitally aired the show for his new collection with ICB, so all we had to do was kick off our heels and click.

The runway show was available for fashion insiders on a, a new platform presenting online-only fashion shows.

"It's a much easier format for retailers, buyers and editors. It's going to change the fashion world and how we see fashion shows," said Gurung.

Kaleidescope prints on flirty dresses and skirts were paired with tough black jackets accented with leather and fur. A structured persimmon blazer was worn over an equally vibrant aubergine blouse for the ultimate color pop. Classic black, white and gray was paired with a dip dyed ombre pattern, and even the leather dress trend made it's way into the collection.

A slouchy chartreuse cape was the perfect blend of chic and casual. As one of his favorite pieces in the collection, Prabal said, "It's simple and satisfies the needs of a lot of women of different ages and sizes. It's simple, timeless and classic, while the details on back add an of-the-moment, modern element."

For his ICB collaboration, Gurung said, "The inspiration came from the girl, the combination of beauty, intelligence and a little bit of sense of humor is what the ICB girl is all about."

The collection is the definition of affordable luxury and, as Gurung put it, "a stepping stone to what I have to offer in my own collection."