Aimee Song Shows Modernized Old-School Glamour in Holt Renfrew Magazine

                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Holt Renfrew  

Aimee Song is a name that has been popping up more and more lately, and with 3.3 million Instagram followers it’s safe to say that she’s hit the mark as a major fashion digital influencer!

“People relate to bloggers in a special way,” she told Holt Renfrew magazine during a recent interview, “I’m not super tall or conventionally beautiful and I think people like that.”

Launching her blog Song of Style as a hobby eight years ago while she was an interior architecture student, her focus turned from interior design to personal design – and people noticed! In 2014 Song, along with her sister, launched Two Songs - a t-shirt and sweatshirt line.  Just recently she made 2016’s list of Forbes’ annual 30 under 30 list - but the 29-year old is still humble and using her mega influence for good.

Song admits she’s still a bit star struck around designers, but it’s clear she’s fit right into the fashion world! Her advice to herself is to keep doing what she loves. “I love the innovation behind social media and love watching things change so quickly, but I don’t want to see craftsmanship suffer because of it. I want to enjoy life. I blog because I love it.”

Find Song’s modernized old-school glamour Holt Renfrew looks here!