Tory Burch Visits "Rock Center" With a Little Help from Joanna Coles

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Tory Burch might be enmeshed in a legal tussle with her ex-husband, C. Wonder's Chris Burch, but is she ruffled? Who? Her?

C. Wonder's head has filed a lawsuit claiming Burch, she of the T-emblemmed logo, is preventing his other endeavors, while other critics counter his brand seems awfully reminiscent of Tory's line.

On NBC's evening news program, "Rock Center," the designer remains diplomatic about the lawsuit—Chris and Tory do have six children together, after all—but concedes, "Some of it [C. Wonder] is too referential. Some of it is great."

Chris Burch declined to be interviewed, but Cosmopolitan's new editor in chief, Joanna Coles, appears, vouching for Tory's legitimate skills as a designer. As for C. Wonder? Coles has this to say about the store's differences: "It's much more junior."