Fashion Week Playlist: 6 Songs We Want to Hear on the Runway

When it comes to tunes at Fashion Week, you never really know what you're going to hear blaring down the runway. Last season gave us the Downton Abbey theme at Ralph Lauren, classic rock at Rachel Zoe, and "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye at Doo.Ri. Like we said, anyone's guess.

Still, that doesn't mean we can't at least compose a wish list for the songs we wouldn't mind humming as we ogle the Spring 2013 collections. But really, Mr. DJ, we only have one firm request for you: no "Call Me Maybe," we beg of you.

Grimes, "Genesis"

Truth be told, we'd be thrilled to hear any Grimes tune coming down the runway, but the recent debut of the quirky-cool Canadian's "Genesis" video seems especially timely. Tell us that whimsical, ethereal sound wasn't made for spring. Bonus: Thanks to her V Magazine cover earlier this summer, it's safe to say that Grimes has earned her fashion cred.

Lana Del Rey, "Summertime Sadness"

From Mulberry to H&M it's no secret that the fashion world still has a major girl crush on the "gangsta Nancy Sinatra." Speaking of which, it's hard to not feel a tad melancholic at this haunting tale of lady love gone wrong (don't jump, Jaime King!), making it the perfect soundtrack to a Spring/Summer 2012 collection that's not so bright and sunny.


Jessica Paré, "Zou Zou Bisou" 

We'd be shocked (shocked!) if Mad Men's Megan Draper didn't inspire at least one collection this season. We can almost picture the brown bobs, winged eyeliner, and groovy minidresses now. And while her sexy rendition of "Zou Zou Bisou" may have wanted Don to crawl into a cave and die, we're confident quite a few front rowers would be absolutely delighted.

Florence Welch, "Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)"

With Welch set to take a little time-out from recording (boooooooo!), it seems prudent to blast her songs while they're still somewhat fresh. Between the redhead's powerful vocals and DJ Harris's club-ready beats, this track could bring out the supermodel in anyone. Werk it, girls!

Alex Clare, "Too Close"

You'll no doubt recognize this tune from the Internet Explorer ads, but don't hold that against it. Amy Winehouse's ex-boyfriend Clare deserves some Fashion Week love for this potent rock ballad with a killer beat, which always gets us in a head-banging mood.

Azealia Banks, "Van Vogue"

Banks is Alexander Wang's current muse, the song name-checks Dolce & Gabbana and Céline, and "Vogue" is in the title—how could this not play at Fashion Week? If this gets censored like her Dazed cover, we'll be spitting nails.