Lunch Break: Mick Jagger’s Stylish Ladies

Mick Jagger LWren Scott
Photo: Getty Images
Mick and stylist/designer L'Wren Scott

Sure, he's responsible for an inimitable style—the skinniest of pants that even the most hipster of dudes shy away from—and he's passed his sartorial good sense on his bloodline, namely model Georgia May Jagger, but birthday boy Mick owes a lot of his style to his current and former ladies by association.

Current partner model-turned-stylist-turned-designer L'Wren Scott has legs and sophistication for days, as evidenced by the fans of her curve-conscious attire, Ellen Barkin and Christina Hendricks, among others.

But let's not overlook the originals.

Google former wife Bianca Jagger, famed for her Studio 54 pantsuits and turbans, and you won't regret your lunch hour spend in a very stylish wormhole, and don't forget to image search for model Jerry Hall (mom to Hudson Jeans and Material Girl face Georgia May).

We're swooning over Bianca's high-glam architectural headgear and Jerry's casual jeans-and-sunglasses ensemble, both worth the duplication efforts.

Bianca Jagger Jerry Hall

Photos: Getty Images

Bianca Jagger (left) and Jerry Hall (right)