Lunch Break: Jenna Lyons in Self Service

Jenna Lyons Self Service

Photo: Maciek Kobielski for Self Service

To use a term from 2003, what a baller. Jenna Lyons in Self Service.

Congratulations, y'all! You've made it through half of the first day back from—what we hope was—a glorious weekend.

Consider this your mid-day reward: feast your computer-weary eyes on this Jenna Lyons' Self Service editorial that's circulating with a lot of excitable interjections around our office.

J. Crew's creative director is the subject of many Internet fangirl's squealing mash notes, and rightly so. Case in point: the style maven gets down to business with Carine Roitfeld's tome by her side, plus a peach fur atop her signature spectacles. Has a denim jacket ever looked chicer?

As if we didn't gush enough about Lyons' personal style, we're now in awe how sparse her desk accessories are. Unsurprisingly, her workspace is pretty fashion-forward. Where are all the dirty coffee mugs and scrap papers? She has so much to teach us.