Daphne Guinness Talks Art Collecting for NOWNESS

Collecting is a Wonderful Illness on Nowness.com

Even if you can't differentiate a Caravaggio from a Klimt, Nowness's latest video is sure to grab even the most rudimentary doodler's attention.

As ubiquitous as she seems among the cutting-edge fashion crowd, Daphne Guinness has managed to keep a mysterious and somewhat muted profile, in spite of her standout couture looks and MAC collaboration. How many people can identify her voice without glimpsing the teetering heels and swoon-inducing McQueen pieces first? But now, she speaks!

The Barneys exhibitionist discusses the thrill of art collecting with renowned auctioneer Simon De Pury, reputed as "the Mick Jagger of the auction world." Don't fret if your Intro to Art History course seems as distant as Post-Impressionism: these two know their stuff, and their shared passion is worth a view.