8 Things You Need to Know About Scoring Margiela x H&M Next Week

Photo: H&M

Magiela x H&M, out November 15th

Black Friday? Pshh! 

Hardcore fashion fans will be waking up early, battling crowds, and trying to snag some "discounted" goods a full week before Thanksgiving because the Margiela x H&M collaboration hits stores on November 15th.

So what are your chances of actually getting your hands on a candy wrapper clutch or an oversized peacoat? 

We break down the good news, the bad news, and what could make for a potentially ugly case of retail hysteria.

The Good

1. Over 100 pieces makes Margiela x H&M's the retailer's largest collaboration yet! 

Back in 2004, the inaugural high-end collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld only had 30 pieces. Lanvin for H&M was an 80-piece collection, and last year's partnership with Versace produced just 50 pieces. 

More goods this year means better odds of clawing your patiently in line to get what you want. Which brings us to the next point in your favor...

Photo: H&M 
Footwear from the Margiela x H&M collection

2. The Wristband System

There are rules, people! Good, helpful rules that ensure that not only the biggest and meanest shoppers get to walk away in Magiela plexi wedges.

The first few hundred shoppers in line get a colored wristband (usually around 20 people per bracelet color). Each bracelet group gets 15 minutes to shop the collection and there's a limit to how much every customer can buy—2 pieces per product.

3. Location, Location, Location

While H&M hasn't announced which of its outposts will carry the line, they've been expanding their designer collaborations to more locations in the last few years.

Remember the Comme des Garçons line in 2008? That only landed 8 U.S. locations, while last year's Versace collection made its way into 35 U.S. locations, with 7 in NYC alone. More stores means smaller lines and more opportunities. 

4. Returns

Thanks to the 15-minute limit, shoppers don't have time to try things on, which means returns! 

A month after the Versace x H&M collaboration sold out, we were able to score a number of the collection's goods including that amazing studded leather jacket. Win!

The Bad

1. The Buzz

Buzz has been building for this collection for quite some time. Maybe it's the odd pairing of a mass retailer and an uber enigmatic designer (Mr. Margiela never grants interviews), or the fact that this line, unlike past designer collaborations, features reproductions of the label's most iconic looks, or because Kanye's sang the designer's graces in one of his hits. 

Photo: H&M 
Margiela x H&M candy clutches

Regardless of the reason, that buzz has now become an unmistakable roar.

2. In-Store Only

H&M still doesn't have an online shop in the U.S., which is a real pain for those of us looking for a more approachable option. 

If you've shopped any of Target's high-end partnerships, you'll know that hanging at home and calmly indulging in a little e-commerce beats waiting outside a brick-and-mortar store any day. Well, with the exception of Target's Missoni site crashing last year, that is.

3. eBay

eBay greed has already begun. Sure, shipments won't hit stores until next week, but those who got their hands on preview pieces have put their marked-up purchases online.

The collection's red high-top sneakers have been spotted on eBay for more than six times their retail price (from $129 to $799). Will these steep figures spawn major eBay hoarding? Let's hope not.

4. What's Good is Gone

Marni for H&M sold out within the first day, Lanvin sold out in an hour, Versace lasted for half an hour, and there were reports that Roberto Cavalli for H&M flew off shelves in mere minutes. Minutes!

If you want it, you're going to have to make a real effort. Clear your morning schedule, set your alarm clock, and call for reinforcements to stake out alternate locations.

But also remember what we said earlier: people always return!

Best of luck!